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Basilicata – the Esoteric Triangle

Basilicata – the Esoteric Triangle

“Most noteworthy Discoveries of the 21st Century.”


The predetermination of mankind has been in the possession of mystery social orders for a very long time, who overwhelm us and proceed to anticipate and design our fates.

Comprehend that their objectives are not the ones we see manifest, rather reasons to get the others, the objectives they keep stowed away.


Acerenza, an obscure land shown to be one of the main places for secret society intrigues in southern Italy. This town and a few different towns in the locale of Basilicata known as Lucania until 1300, were possessed by numerous critica how to join illuminati for fameĀ 


As we’ve found the primary central command was in Acerenza. Eventually, associations will be obvious, along the towns in the area of Potenza which were impacted by Masonic exercises and practices. These associations were never written in books; never acknowledged by any person.


Ongoing revelations demonstrate that the introduction of the clandestine association of the Templar Knights started in Acerenza by a Norman-Italian and not a Frenchmen outstandingly; Hugues de Payen.


In this Italian area of Lucania you’ll observer pieces of information left behind by a portion of the absolute first mystery social orders ever. This might wake you up to the approaching of the third pre-pondered World War.


During the Magna Grecian time of 500 B.C. Pythagoras was opening his obscure school in Metapontum situated by the ocean 37miles from Acerenza where individuals must be confirmed. Pythagoras tried to make unrivaled people, demy-divine beings or half manhalf god. Otherworldly ceremonies were acted in order to show up at this applicable soul. Pythagoras likewise understood that information was adequately not and that one required the adjusted soul of tranquility to accomplish this hence; cleansing of the soul. Really at that time would one get the information expected to become god-like.


Pythagorean days comprised of; reciting, reflection, arranging, considering, exercise, and sustenance. The ‘Pythagorean fraternity’ was one of the world’s earliest unpriestly agreeable logical social orders.


There was a rebel against the religion. Pythagoras and Masonic religion individuals were ruthlessly butchered in Metaponto. Pythagoras was seen by individuals as the God Apollo, a divine force of prescience, music and recuperating and his carcass had supernaturally vanished. One like this is typically given a legitimate entombment or plaque Maybe his body was seized and concealed in a sacrosanct spot, as many holy person’s bodies were might that place at some point be Lucania?


Its an obvious fact that the Normans had been conquesting Italy starting from the start of the eleventh 100 years. They combat for power, for domains, with the Papacy, the Byzantines, Arabs, the Longobardi and different clans who involved lands in Italy.


The Romans had vanquished Acerenza in 318 B.C. furthermore, fabricated a sanctuary committed to the Roman God; Hercules. It was expand upon an antique sanctuary once devoted to “Heracles” (Son of Zeus) which existed in the hour of Pythagoras.


In 799, Bishop Leo constructed a church in that equivalent area and committed it to the strange Saint Canione-a Gaelic-Irish Druid who passed on in 395. This name “Canione” is gotten from “Canion” and that signifies “Wonderful Watcher,” a custom name with exact place of a “watcher;” and a significant artifact.


Then, at that point, in 1061, Robert Guiscard seized the house of prayer, and gave it to the Normans. From here, a lot is to be told.


During that very year, Guiscard swore his constancy to the congregation of Rome and Godano, a Benedictine Norman (French) Monk, companion of Guiscard, who reviews this arrangement and is the Bishop of Acerenza and a priest from Cluny, France.


After a year Arnould de Chiny, a Benedictine Norman-Irish Monk and Cathedral constructor, becomes Archbishop of Acerenza and imagines the congregation as a “image of solidarity” recreating it as indicated by the “Conventional Rules,” “The Secret Knowledge,” learnt at the Benedictine School in Ireland. This was to ration an antique information that was passed on and saved by Benedictine priests.


In 1080 the congregation was done, yet odd uncommon images remained supplanting certified Catholic ones. In the 1930’s, a sculpture of Emperor Guiliano L’Apposta supplanted a cross on the steeple of the basilica; he was an adversary to Christianity and battled to reestablish Paganism! He went against the Catholic Church, inclinations we might expect in current mystery social orders.


The fundamental entry of the Acerenza church building is watched by two foreboding figures rather than heavenly messengers. However, the most amazing part about it is the congregation’s abnormal outline aspects. This church building is demonstrated to have utilized a Sacred Geometry. An ideal copy of the calculation was utilized in the development of the Temple of Solomon. Hiram, another mysterious society part, established the sacrosanct math (alluded to as the “Brilliant Section”) and involved it in his attempts to construct the Temple of Solomon; that’s what he trusted …all science is nevertheless estimation and by that estimation the privileged insights of nature are uncovered.


By methods of the “Brilliant Section” and supernatural estimations of 20 x 60, in Egyptian cubits which God provided for Solomon to use in developing the sanctuary. This was intended to house the Arch of Alliance a holder for the sensationalist newspapers of the Ten Commandments. At the point when this Norman church was done; Arnould’s vision had happened finally.


The Cathedral of Acerenza is situated in Glinni Square, another Irish-Gaelic name which springs up in this distant spot in southern Italy. It’s the only one of its sort on the planet; this is the very thing that this disclosure demonstrates. With its shrewd aspects, all its angles alludes to this holy calculation, the one Pythagoras had confidence in. The main element is that the whole church in Acerenza was inherent ideal alliance to this hallowed calculation of God. This data has been everlastingly pursued. This consecrated calculation was concealed for over 900 years, and had as of late been found in Acerenza. However, one thing is without a doubt; this strategy for development was not made for the typical client who needed a basic church assembled!


Who educated the developer concerning these holy aspects when the Temple of Solomon was assembled way before Christ? For what reason did they involve these aspects for this church building? Why was it so extraordinary?

For what reason did this specific church have the incredible recognitions of being constructed utilizing a particularly antiquated math?


Another idiosyncrasy; the house of prayer contains one window that is higher than the remainder. Odd. An outrageous idiosyncrasy that the window opposite it permits its beams to combine efforts directly in the core of the congregation just on the 25th of May. This is when Acerenza praises the passing of Saint Canione. This is another new disclosure and there are others.


There’s something else. Inside the house of prayer, in the underground sepulcher, a dark window prompts no place, however to pitch obscurity. What was on the opposite side that was completely walled up? For what reason does the metal finder go wild in this zone of the church building?


The church building’s development was coordinated by Arnould de Chiny numerous hundreds of years following Pythagoras and his schools. Arnould was the head of the most established and most impressive mystery society; the Priory of Sion.


Perhaps to the occupants of Acerenza nothing had appeared to look upset, yet in the background strong orders were growing for sure.


It’s an issue of force and control. The Papacy had power and control, thus did the Normans.

Anyway, what could be preferable over for them to combine efforts?


Pope Urban II was protected from the Emperor of Germany; Enrich IV. He was moved to Banzi, a Benedictine Norman Monastery 20 km from Acerenza by Boamudus Hauteville and Arnould de Chiny from Acerenza.


Pope Urban II was a Catholic Pope. Along with Guiscard’s child Boamudus Hauteville; they had splendidly planned the whole clash of the Holy War during the six years they lived respectively in Banzi. It was a ruthless pointless conflict that endured very nearly 200 years. In the mean time, Banzi saw another extraordinary occurring; the little meeting created one of the most seasoned and most impressive mystery social orders on the planet. The proof is in the image of Acerenza; it’s the image of the confraternity of the Priory of Sion. Might they at some point have been the starting points of the Priory?


Their objectives are not the ones we see manifest, rather reasons to get the others, the objectives they keep quiet.


The Holy War was a reason. The Holy War was contrived somewhere in the range of 1088 and 1095-however their actual objective was not the Muslims, but rather the conquesting of the Roman Ruled Empire Constanopoli in Asia. Their case was the safeguarding of guiltless regular folks, and to manage the Muslim confidence, which was some unacceptable confidence as per them. They needed to change over the last part of the domain into the Roman Catholic Religion; to be the main genuine religion on the planet it couldn’t seem, by all accounts, to be nobler.


Arnould’s subsequent goal was to track down the Arch of Alliance and take it back to Acerenza. Along these lines, the Norman church would have turned into the most persuasive church on the planet.


Numerous strong occasions occurred or were invoked in Lucania, and never expressed in History books; either in light of the fact that nobody had some awareness of them, or in light of the fact that they were never planned to be recorded.




In 1117, a Norman-Italian Knight brought into the world in Forenza, close to Acerenza, turned into the organizer and head of the Order of the Templar Knights; a strong mystery society that followed the Priory of Sion. History expresses that Hugo di Pagano was from France, however the data assembled during that time are done holding water. Archives and signs as of late found in Lucania are pointers that he was genuinely the Grand Maestro of the Templars and he was; Italian. The genuine shock will ultimately hit. The first organizer behind the Order Ugo de Pagani was not from Champagne, France. Ugo marked his name in different of records found with the Italian spelling.

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